My Father's Drawings

Dad’s Chess Charicatures

My father, Berislav Petric, who passed away in 1998, spent his life drawing. This is just a very small fraction of boxes and boxes full of used envelopes, napkins, newspapers and all sorts of paper pieces that he grabbed during meetings and parties to draw people around him. People would usually laugh or get mad at him, but most of the times he made friends: people would recognize their very own weird shape and laugh at it. This was my Dad – always making fun of life. There is a series of chess players caricatures (he himself was an avid chess player) signed by some famous players, done back when he still lived in Belgrade.
Thanks for Alex Dunne and Daniel Lucas from the USCF and Pete Tamburro – who helped me to identify each player in the series below. Pete Tamburro also gave me the information about that particular chess tournament: it happened in 1959 in the former Yugoslavia (Bled, Zagreb and Belgrade were the three sites involved).

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