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“Marina” is both latin and slavic: my father was from Serbia (therefore my Petric) and my mother, Rio de Janeiro, where I was born and raised. I studied architecture and later I completed a master’s in History of Science. Today (2020) I am pursuing a master’s in Mass Communication at Texas State University.
In Rio I was an instructor at the Architecture and Design schools at the Federal University and the Catholic University. During my twenties I lived in Belgium and Germany. I studied German with a DAAD scholarship.
I moved to the U.S. in 2004, and lived for one year in a boat in Santa Barbara, California. Never my name was so well-justified.
Then I moved to Austin, Texas, where I have been for the past 15 years, most of which I spent working with graphic design and photography.

Instead of writing about my history, I could also list my 10 favorite films. They are:
Where is the Friend’s House / Close-up / Life, and Nothing Else / Taste of Cherry / Manifesto / The Dekalog /Flamenco, Flamenco / This is not a Film / Buena Vista Social Club / Ikiru … and the list keeps growing, but I said 10.

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